A Wedding Singer’s Diary: 10 Signs that Wedding Planning is ruling your life!

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As a Wedding Singer & Party Singer across London, Essex & Kent, I fully understand the need to plan Events, Parties & Weddings and I also appreciate that there are lots of things involved that are time sensitive and supplier sensitive, but with Weddings, we commonly give ourselves a lot longer to plan and are totally indulged in the experience and sometimes can forget that your Wedding Day is not as important for quite so long to everyone else around you.

Does any of this sound familiar….. Are you turning into a Wedding Obsessed Bride to be.  Why not check out my 10 signs below and see on a scale of 1 to 10 if Wedding Planning is ruling your life?!!!

1: You start talking a new ‘wedding’ lingo including things like ‘sheath’ dress.

2: You simply don’t understand why your entourage don’t get as excited as you that ‘Say yes to the Dress’ is on TV.

3: Your weekly disagreements with loved ones are now over Favour boxes and guest lists!

4: You frequently have conversations with your self (inside your head) about whether traditional or exotic flowers would be the best choice).

5: When people who care about you tell you to take a break from Wedding Planning for the night – you quite literally throw a Wedding Tantrum.

Jazz Singer Essex & Kent Wedding Planning

6: Your work friends leave for lunch deliberately early or late to avoid going with you, or more specifically to be talked at about Weddings for an hour!

7: Wedding TV Shows and movies have replaced Saturday nights out on the lash!

8: You get called into the office at work to explain your internet viewing history!

9: Even your best friend has stopped asking about your Wedding plans – in case you tell them!!

Wedding Singer Kent Wedding Planning

10: It is WAY past your bedtime and even though you know that you have an early start at work in the morning, you can’t seem to come offline and stop looking at wedding things!

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