A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Brides on a Budget!

Wedding Singer Essex Budget Guide

As a Wedding Singer and Party Singer throughout UK including Kent and Essex I get to perform at a lot of Weddings all ranging in both style and budget I want to share with you some simple ways to cut down on your Wedding Budget and still achieve the Wedding of your Dreams in ‘A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Brides on a Budget!’.

1: Pick a Package

This way you are getting discounted rates on effectively ‘bulk buying’ from one supplier and can even possibly cut down costs on some elements you don’t need.

2: Prune your Party List

No-one is suggesting that you cut out entire groups of people or opt to ‘ban’ kids, but if you were to simply cut your party numbers down by about 10 people then that could save you up to £1400.

3: Select a sensible season

Book your Wedding ‘off peak’ and watch the price drop!

4: Affordable Personalised Stationary

Choose somewhere like etsy.com and get you personalised PDF stationary and then have it printed locally.

5: Find affordable fresh flowers

Make sure that you are choosing your flowers based upon location and availability and not just on look, as if you choose and exotic flower that needs to be imported and at the last minute to stay fresh, then you are looking at a lot more money that UK based flowers.

6: Cut the cake layers down

Instead of having lots of REAL cake layers, why not introduce a false layer, giving you the visual result that you want without the waste or cost.

7: DIY Wedding Album

Enjoy putting together your own Wedding Album yourself. This way not only do you save money, but also get to relive the event, see pics and moments that you maybe missed on the day.

8: Make better meal choices

Wedding Singer Kent Food

Opt for a more simple, yet elegant choice, such as sparkling wine at the table instead of Champagne and perhaps choosing Chicken as your meat instead of Lamb etc.

9: Be Brave over Bridesmaids

ONLY have the Bridesmaids you would truly like and don’t be bullied or guilt ridden into choosing hundreds!  This area can make or break your budget if you are not careful.  If they are real friends they WILL understand!

10: Condense the Canape list

Instead of choosing 7 or 8 lavish options (pushing your budget up) – why not go for 4 delicious and varied canapes giving all of your guests a simple yet tasty choice.

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