A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Singer Essex Cake Topper

As a female Wedding Singer & Party Singer all over Kent, Essex & UK I have witnessed many Wedding Cakes in my time and some truly are a centrepiece and others a ‘Theme’ filler in both style and design.  So today I am going to share with you a concept (and a company) that specialise in Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers in ‘A Wedding SInger’s Diary: Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers’.

Having a personalised Wedding Cake Topper can be a budget saver as well as a Unique element to your Wedding, as if you are having a ‘mini – you’ on top of your cake, then that needs to be the focal point, which means the rest of the cake and it’s tiers can be very basic in style and content.  I think the main reason for opting for this kind of addition to your Wedding Cake is to make sure that your Wedding Cake is different from all of the others.

The company that I have chosen to use as an example of Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers is Artlocke Designs, although I am sure there are many other companies that provide this Bespoke Wedding Service.  What I really love is the fact that you can opt for the tradition ‘Bride and Groom’ Topper, but you can also choose to have your family, your pets or anyone or thing that is important to you on your Topper too.

Artlocke Designs provide various style and budget options , with a standard Bride and Groom with Bouquet, fully clothed and jewellery starting at about £140 and from there you can bolt on additional items or people at an additional cost (that is all clearly shown on their website).  This appears to be a very popular service (well certainly for Cheryl of Artlocke Designs) as they are fully booked at the moment and are now taking 2017 and 2018 Bookings.

Wedding Singer Kent Cake Topper     Jazz Singer Essex & Kent Cake Topper

What I also think your personalised Wedding Toppers do, is give you the choice of what you want to do about your cake, as you would be in a position to buy the individual white tiers from somewhere like Asda or M&S, bringing down your Wedding Cake budget in a big way.

Although this appears to be a specialised skill, it is also definitely worth while have a chat to your Cake designer as they may also possess the needed skills to be able to hand bake and make your Wedding Cake and also create for your a personalised Wedding Topper.

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