A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Personalised Wedding Canvas

Wedding Singer Essex Canvas pic

I love arriving at a Wedding as their Wedding / Party Singer and seeing all of personal touches that they have made and it varies from Kent to Essex to London to across the UK, almost as if each Town or County has it’s own fashion!   In today’s feature I am looking at a gift to  each other in the form of a personalised Wedding Canvas from Bride and Groom Direct.

This is a beautiful reminder, promise and keepsake all in one of their commitment to each other and how and why 2 became 1. The canvas itself is 305mm x 406mm and you assemble it yourself.  At the top of the canvas above the ‘Vow’ Heart is the Bride and Groom first names and at the bottom of the Canvas underneath the ‘Vow’ Heart is the date of their Wedding.  The Heart shape is made up of a set of romantic vows that can’t be changed.

Personally I think that if you had this Canvas hanging up in your home somewhere (like your bedroom) it would be a very powerful and beautiful way to be grateful every single day for what you have and make you want to continue to work at keeping that bond and magic alive.  It as also really nice to buy yourselves a gift to each other, as sometimes Weddings can end up having gifts, thank you’s, tributes and attention to so many others and you can almost forget that this is your special day!

The Wedding Canvas featured costs £44, but they also do in addition to the Heart Vow Canvas – a Chalk Board Canvas and a Tree of Hearts Canvas.  So depending on your style, budget and taste, you can choose the right Wedding Canvas for you.

Of course, Bride and Groom are not the only company to provide this personalised Wedding Item and you can also get it from many online suppliers including Not on the High Street and there are Etsy stores that make them too.

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