A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Personalised Wedding Caricatures

Wedding Singer Essex caricature

I perform as a Wedding Singer, Jazz Singer & Party Singer all over London, Kent, Essex and the UK and am always impressed when I come across new ideas to make your Unique!  Today I am going to share with you a cute, cool and unique idea that I came across recently that can be applied to literally all visual elements of your Wedding Day in ‘A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Personalised Wedding Caricatures’.

Just imagine how much it would make you and all of your Wedding Guests smile, when they see gorgeous & cute Caricatures of the Bride and Groom throughout the day on all of your Visual Wedding Accessories?!!  Well this is exactly what Stephs Sketches brings to life.

So where and what would you apply your unique Caricature on/to? They can literally lend them selves to anything visual.  From the Table/Seating Plans to Seating Cards, Message Canvases and much more!  You can even have keepsake Wedding Gifts made for your Bridesmaids, Best Man and Ushers etc in the format of a fabulous Full Colour picture!

Wedding Singer Kent caricature

All you need is photographs of any and all people that you want a Caricature of and the rest of the magic is created for you!  What I especially like about this that it is very affordable and starts from as little as £25.  It gives all of your guests a personalised keepsake of your Wedding – even if it simply by them keeping their Seating Card!

There are various companies that provide this service, but for more information on these fabulous Wedding Caricatures features in today’s blog feature go to Stephs Sketches website here!

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