A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Top Photography Tips on for your Wedding Day

Wedding Singer Essex photo pic

I get to see meet a lot of Photographers as a Wedding Singer and Party Singer all over Essex, Kent and London!  But what makes some of the best Photography moments and relationships ensuring that you get the very best from your photographer is the Rapport you have! Check out my latest blog feature here ‘A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Top Photography Tips on for your Wedding Day’.

1: How to get the best shots on your Wedding Day 

I would always say be yourself as unless you are a professional model, then you will probably not catch the moment that you want by posing or faking it!

2: Always meet your photographer before your Wedding Day 

Whether you do this in person or via skype, take the time out to chat and visually see your photographer and their mannerisms, personality & style and equally let them see yours, so that you can all work as a team to get the best from your Wedding Day!

3: Have an Engagement Shoot 

This really is the perfect opportunity for both of you and your photographer to build rapport, overcome any camera shyness and get totally comfortable in front of the camera.  It is also another beautiful set of photographs that you can keep as part of your Wedding Experience.

4: Schedule time into your Wedding Day schedule to get the shots you really want 

Whether they are couple shots of family shots, make sure you have given time in your busy Wedding Day schedule to take and retake the shots until you and the photographer are happy that you have got the ‘money’ shots!

5: Think about your backdrops 

Depending on the time of year that you are getting married, think about where you want your photos to be taken.  Indoors or Outdoors etc.  This way you are half way there to being happy with your final shot before the camera has even clicked!

6: Introduce your family to your photographer

If your photographer and guests feel comfortable around each other then your atmosphere and shots are likely to reflect this.

7: Know where you want your photographic Wedding day journey to start and end. 

Wedding Singer Kent photographer pic

Everyone has different feelings on this, but you need to be clear on when you want your photographer to start snapping and when you want them to stop.  The planning and prepping before the ceremony are equally as emotional and important as the reception and breakfast.

8: Think about lighting 

Lighting is what helps to create ambience and mood to photographs, so think about sunrise, daytime, dusk right through to night time and make sure that you capture the shots you want in the right ambiance.

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