A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Top Tips on giving a Bride’s Speech

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I love it as a Wedding Singer and Party Singer across Kent, London, Essex and the UK, when I get to witness the fabulous differences in people’s Weddings and today I am going to share with you my Top Tips on what to do and not to do when giving a speech as the Bride in ‘A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Top Tips on giving a Bride’s Speech’.

Tip 1: Talk as a Team before you start

Sit down and talk to your fiance and think about exactly who needs to be thanked and mentioned on your Wedding Day and decide which one of you will include that person in their speech.  You may also want to talk about the vibe of your speeches, as it would be a bit tedious if they both ended up nearly identical.

Tip 2: Map it out

Any speech or presentation needs to have some kind of structure in order for it to run smoothly and this speech is no different.  Although you have no ‘rules’ over your speech it would be very effective if you were to consider an introduction (hello’s), a middle (thank-you’s, stories, reasons why you love him) and finally and end or close (where you make it clear that your speech has ended).   A great way to close your speech is to ‘toast’.

Tip 3: Short and Sweet

There are going to be a lot of speeches of announcements that can and probably will run over or feel a little long, so try and keep yours under 5 minutes and with an organic feel (as apposed to a list of thank yous). This will work in your favour!

Tip 4: Show them who you are

This is not an opportunity to show off in all the wrong ways, or to try and be a comedian if you are simply not – this is a time to make people laugh and/or cry and show the world why your are the Bride and he is your Groom and why you chose each and every one of them to share this moment/day with you both.

Tip 5: Delivery is key!

Don’t freestyle if that is not your thing.  Write notes to give you cues, tips and structure and try to keep your emotions in check – that is not to say don’t show them, but try not to let them take control of your speech to the point that your words or message are unheard.

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