A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Beauty Tips!

Wedding Singer Kent Beauty Tips
I understand the importance of looking fab, as a Wedding Singer and Party Singer who specialises in Themed Shows! I travel all over London, Kent, Essex and the UK to perform and have to look my best, so here are some Beauty Tips in ‘A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Beauty Tips!’.
Get your Vitamin B12!
B12 is great for heatlthy nerve and blood cells and helps balance your hormone levels when tired or stressed.
Facial Cleansing
Simply washing your face alone does not effectively remove dirt but if you take a warm soft cotton flannel and use this in addition you will find it makes a big difference.
Clumpy Mascara
A cold environment can make your Mascara lumpy so if you simply blast it with your hairdryer to warm it up for about 15 seconds, you will see the clumps disappear!
Choosing the right Blusher!
The best way to choose your Blusher is to hold them up to your face whilst looking in the mirror and the one that is the closest match to your natural lip colour is the best match for you.
Static Hair
If you are finding your hair a bit flyaway or full of static then simply spray some hairspray directly on to your hands and then stroke your hair downwards to solve the problem.
Shiny Face!
On your Wedding Day you may sweat a little from nerves and excitement and yet you don’t want your make up to ruin. If you take a paper napkin (like the ones in coffee shops) and press it lightly onto your face (or shiny area) then it will remove the shine without removing the make up!
Getting Cat flick eyeliner

If you want beautiful Adele / Audrey Hepburn Cat like eyes on your Wedding Day and are doing your own make up, then it really is a case of practice makes perfect! Watch a you tube tutorial and then practice every single day over the 2 weeks before your Wedding Day!