A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Decals

Wedding Singer Kent Floor Decal

It is not often as a Wedding Singer and Party Singer throughout Kent, Essex and the UK, that I come across something that I think ‘WOW – that’s really different’, but today I am going to share with you a gorgeous Wedding Supplier that can do just that in ‘A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Decals’.

Every Bride and Groom to be wants to make their Wedding Day stand out from all of the rest and for all of the right reasons and in today’s online and ‘freedom of choice’ Wedding Market and Industry, it can be increasingly difficult to achieve this.  So I got quite excited when I came across a Bespoke Wedding Service that adds WOW factor and in a unique way.

This company is Off the Wall – a Wedding Decal specialist.  Now, before I continue, I should make it clear that there are very probably other Wedding Suppliers out there providing a similar service, but this company is simply the one that came into my radar.  The most obvious use of their Wedding Decals would be their personalised floor Decals, with your name and a classy design that can be used on your Dance floor or entrance etc.  However they also do mini- decals that can be put onto glass candle vases, Wedding Favours or even Wellies!

Wedding Singer Essex Wellies  Jazz Singer Essex & Kent Vase

They are also a very affordable addition to your Wedding, as they start at as little as 25p and go up to around the £45 mark.  If you check out their website you can also see the many different things that you can use their decals for (and trust me, some of the options are ones that I am sure you would not have thought of!).  You can even purchase ‘proposal’ decals, where you can put a ‘Will you marry me’ decal in your Car or Home/Office Window or add it to a vase of flowers.

They have various styles of lettering and borders etc, which ensures that you can pick the perfect Decal for your chosen Wedding Theme and they can be simply posted out to you for you to then use as you desire.

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