A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Ideas: Personalised Bunting

Wedding Singer Essex Bunting

I love seeing all the fabulous personalised touches when I perform as a Wedding & Party Singer at Weddings all over Essex, Kent, London and across the UK and today I want to look at a cute personalised extra – Bunting!  In ‘ A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Ideas: Personalised Bunting ‘.

There are many Wedding Stationery and Accessory companies that offer this item, but today I am looking at the personalised Bunting sold by Bride and Groom Direct.

Your personalised Bunting comes is packs of 4 die cut flag panels, that are then hung together to form your Bunting.  Each panel has your Name and Wedding Date on both sides of it and comes complete with Ivory Satin Ribbon and then you simply put it together.  I think that this is a very affordable Wedding option as it is only £4.99 per pack of 4.

So if you were to imagine decorating the cake table edge with this or even the head table at your Wedding you would probably only need anything from 12 – 20 flags (costing between £14.97 to £24.95).  You could also keep one of the flags as a keepsake of your Wedding and then also give a flag to other important people at your Wedding, such as your Bridesmaids, Best Man, Parents etc, so it is not something that will be simply used and thrown away.

I think that this item would work particularly well at a Summer Wedding and especially if you are having an outside area at your Wedding and there are few different style options available to you.  You can opt of Colourful and modern or could choose the cute ‘Polka Dot’ style that comes in pastel colours and you can even opt for a more Traditional Wedding Style of ‘Hearts & Flowers’ that personally looks like the white regal icing on a baby pink cake (it is very pretty).  So your Bunting can totally complement and work in with your chosen Wedding Theme!

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