A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Stationery Ideas – Wedding Passport

Wedding Singer Essex Passport pic

As a female Wedding and Party Singer throughout Kent, London, Essex and surrounding areas – I am very experienced in all things Weddings.  I see some truly gorgeous things at the Weddings I perform at and today I want to look at ‘A Wedding Singer’s Diary: Wedding Stationery Ideas – Wedding Passport’

For me this is a fabulous idea for your Wedding Invites and looks really cool.  What I particularly love is the attention to detail in this concept. Although many Wedding Stationery companies offer the Wedding Passport, I want to show you the one made by Bride & Groom Direct.

The basic spec of the Invite is:

A folded invitation card that visually has the same look and similar dimensions to a real passport.

Your Passport invitation features your initials and wedding date on the front and then opens up to reveal a photo of the Bride and Groom on the left with your ceremony details alongside it

It also has a pocket on the right that has a reply and information card.

It is beautifully hand finished with three jewels and a shiny heart

Wedding Singer Kent Passport pic

Bride and Groom Direct sell theses Passports for about £49 for 20, so they are not a budget option, but they are a really fun and visual invite that gives you the opportunity to display everything from dates, times, general information and a reply card all in the same place!

To be totally honest, I am not sure if ‘Bride and Groom Direct’ are the cheapest or the most expensive and you may find that you can shop around and get the same product slightly cheaper elsewhere, but I do know that they offer the exact product shown and listed.

If you are the kind of Bride and Groom to be, where making an impact right from the Invite onwards is important to you and the budget no so much, then I would definitely check this idea out!