A Wedding Singer’s Top Tips: ‘You’re Engaged: Top 10 things to do straight away!

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As a Wedding Singer & Party Singer throughout Essex, Kent and the UK, I get to speak to many excited Brides to Be soon after they have got engaged who are now excitedly trying to plan their Wedding! So I thought it would be great to share with you my Top 10 things that you can do straight away, once you’ve got Engaged in ‘A Wedding Singer’s Top Tips: ‘You’re Engaged: Top 10 things to do straight away!’.

1: Celebrate!
The first thing to do is get all of your nearest and dearest and Celebrate the fantastic news that you are going to get married! Enjoy every second of this wonderful moment, as soon the planning and multitasking will truly begin to guarantee that you get the Wedding of your dreams!
2: Pick a Season to Wed
Every season brings it’s own weather, style & budget, so choosing your season early on will dictate a lot of your other choices.
3: Pick your Bridesmaids
This part can be tough for some Brides to Be, especially if they have a lot of close friends, as they don’t want to upset or offend anyone but they can only have a certain amount of Bridesmaids on their big day.
4: Create your Wedding Board
Your Wedding Board is very similar to a mood board and is a great way to collect and display all of your ideas, visualisations and dreams for your big day and then start ot turn them into a reality.

Wedding Singer Kent Mood Board
5: Find your Venue
If you have a specific Venue in mind, then you truly need to make this a priority and contact, view and secure your chosen Wedding Venue for you big day!
6: Lock down your Budget
It is very easy to become like a kid in a sweet shop when planning your Wedding and if you don’t agree on a budget before you start shopping (so to speak) then it is highly likely that you will go way over any amount that you have and end up feeling disheartened.
7: Get online and dream digital
Start creating your Wedding Groups on Facebook/Google where you talk all things Weddings and create your own Wedding Website. Download your Wedding Planning apps and start your mood boards on Pinterest etc.
8: Write your ideal Guest list
Your budget will strongly dictate your numbers when choosing your guest list, but you also need to consider whether is is going to be a child friendly event or not.
9: Speak to friends who are already married
It is far better to learn from others mistakes than make them unknowingly yourself.
10: Enjoy this experience!
Don’t let this process be a stressful one. Be clear on what YOU want on your Wedding Day and don’t be bullied or pressured and stick to your budget, ideas and dreams!

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